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Jaltest Laptop Based Diagnostic Tools - 800-399-9495

Accurate Diagnostics

Replace guess work by providing a quick and easy way to find information about your engines - Call 800-399-9495 for answers

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Most Comprehensive Coverage

Reduce downtime, repair and maintenance related expenses with Jaltest Agricultural Equipment Software - Call 800-399-9495 for answers

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Troubleshoot any issues

For inspections, maintenance and repairs. With detailed reports and powerful tools for technicians, it makes the job easy for you - Call 800-399-9495 for answers

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Complete suite of vehicle diagnostic capabilities

Monitor your machine in real time, create better maintenance schedules and find the most important trouble codes

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Completely integrated mobile diagnostics solution for Heavy Trucks, Off Highway, and Other Equipoment

Unlike other solutions, it manages all aspects of a vehicle’s service life from diagnosis to repair or replacement, including emissions and driving behavior analysis. Your vehicle's crucial systems may fail if you do not have the right information about them. We have automated the software needed to diagnose vehicle faults

Detect common problems and avoid costly repairs

Our diagnostic tool is the perfect way to track performance, save money and get better service. Instantly know what problems your equipment is experiencing, which will save you money on future repairs.

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Years Experience


Happy Customers


Year Warranty


Support Available

We Provide Quality

Much Customisation

We offer many options and configurations you will need and a broad selection of trucks and equipment

Constant Updates

The diagnostic tool is constantly being updated with the newest information for all vehicles.

Easy To Use

You can easily manage orders, repair time, customer data and even vehicle data with Cojali Jaltest Diagnostics tool

Suitable Solutions

Jaltest is the perfect way to track performance, save time and save money. Instantly know what problems your vehicles are experiencing

Fast Checkout

We provide easily to use, fastest, one page checkout with 256 bit encryption for security

Having Trouble?

Don't worry we provide the best in technical support, Call us Today 800-399-9495

Is your machine running well and performing as it should?

This is the best tool for mechanics and repair facilities, see exactly what your vehicle's and engine's are doing and where they need help.

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Powerful tools for engineers

Vital part of ensuring proper maintenance and safety, so you can keep your machines and trucks running like new

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Our Customers

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Professionally designed System

Analyze the condition of your machine's engine, transmission, electrical systems and more! The expertly designed software will guide you through the operation mode, allowing collection of data and reporting through a user-friendly interface.

From Excavators to Dumpers

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We make troubleshoot easy

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Health checkswith complete confidence

Make sure it’s safe to drive by checking its condition before you set off to do the run, the next job, or the next task

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A Digital Diagnostic Tool - Call 800-399-9495 for answers

Which monitors vital engine components and provides diagnostics to pinpoint and helps to maintain your vehicles and tractors

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